Winners for First Photo Contest in 2018

Boly photo contest; free cameras...more >


Boly Inc. To Announce Its First GPS 4G Trail Camera at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

With a lightning fast 4G data transferring speed, 30MP photos and marvellous 4K videos, the BG668-E30WG can capture subject movement up to 100ft at night, within an angle of 60 degrees....more >


BolySolar Announcing Launch of BolySolar Tree

BolySolar is a complete set of solar technologies and products that will revolutionize the entire energy industry. ...more >


Boly Best Photos Competition

Upload your best photos took by Boly trail cameras, and win free Boly trail cameras....more >


BolySolar to Announce Combo 2.0 CPV at Intersolar Europe 2018

Combo 2.0 combines advantages of Enhancer and Tripler to get a higher peak density. It can be used in power plants and street lights. Combo 2.0 takes full use of Boly’s concentrated Fresnel Lens technology, increasing the usage of sunlight by 4 times, thu...more >