BA-202 NEW


Unparalleled Auto Focus Technology

  • WIFI
  • Mobile App remote control
  • 30mp, 1080p@60fps, 4k@20fps
  • Auto focus
  • Voice control
  • Bare camera water diving 33ft
  • On camera color LCD
  • External LED flash support
  • Color video record at night
Scene Pictures Technical Parameters

BA202 is an advanced style with Auto Focus function added. It gives an exact shot point of each motion, to safe and share the right movement. BolyRaw image processing technology with exquisite craftsmanship make the best inside and outside of BA202. It can go 10 meters below water without outside proof. Voice control function free your hands, enables a safer and smarter exercise. By downloading a BolyDV APP, you can change the setting of the action camera with your mobile phone, and finish WIFI connection.