Unique Blue LED mode, invisible at night. Sensitivity adjustable for complex environments. Boly aspherical large aperture lens (f2.4) for excellent image quality

  • High Quality 12MP image resolution and 720p or 480p video
  • 85ft. Detection and 75ft. Lighting range
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Supports up to a 32GB SD card and recycles storage
  • 940nm low glow IR LED lights
  • 1.44” display
  • Boly aspherical large aperture lens (f2.4)
Scence Picture Technical Parameter

Invisible LED lignt at night. Suit for wild animals training. Not to disturb animals pass by. 1.44” LCD viewer and high quality control button, easy for playback and setting. 8 or 4 pieces of AA batteries easy to replace.