3G invisible IR super long detecting range, app downloaded for setting and receiving photos and videos

  • 30MP image resolution and 1080p video
  • Invisible IR at night
  • 57°field of view
  • 100ft. detection and 90ft. Lighting range
  • 1 sec. Trigger time
  • Up to 32GB SD card
  • Built-in 3” LCD color viewer
  • Sound broadcast used for calling game
Scence Picture Technical Parameter

3G wireless hunting camera. With this you could enjoy a higher speed to receive videos and photos to your mobile phone or email. Videos and images are processed with BolyRaw--patented image processing technology, makes them very enjoyable. And every shot is invisible to animals with black IR. It's silent and natural without disturbing animals. Just enjoy a world of wild lives with BolyGuard.