Advanced 4G camera, long detecting range 100ft. Smart two-way communications

  • 30MP image resolution and 1080p video
  • Invisible IR at night
  • 57°field of view
  • 100ft. detection and 90ft. Lighting range
  • 1 sec. Trigger time
  • Up to 32GB SD card
  • Built-in 3” LCD color viewer
  • Sound broadcast used for calling game
Scence Picture Technical Parameter

MG984G-30M is among the most advanced wireless hunting camera in the market. 4G enables you to enjoy a highest speed to receive videos and photos from the trail camera. Videos and images are processed with BolyRaw--patented image processing technology, makes them very enjoyable. It behaves excellent both in day and night. And every shot is invisible to animals with black IR. It's silent and natural without disturbing animals. Just enjoy a world of wild lives with BolyGuard.