Hidden but Fatal Errors Found in Lorentz Transform of Special Relativity

After lifelong study and pondering on Einstein\'s Relativity Theory, our CEO and CTO, Dr. Xiaoping Hu, has finally discovered hidden, but fatal errors in Special Relativity. Two logical errors exist in the derivation process of Lorentz Transform which is ...more >


IWA Business Trip Cancelled

Boly decides to not attend the IWA & Outdoor Classics in the coming March....more >


New 4G Hunting Cameras for CES2020

Las Vegas -2020’s CES is ready to open in few hours. 2020 is a year of high producing. Boly media communications will show up it’s 3 types new 4G trail cameras at this big show. They are BG668 (North America version), BG584, BG310-M. Cloud service is appl...more >


Boly’s new batch of 4G hunting cameras are ready to show in HK fair

The second half of the year Boly successfully launched at least three kinds of 4G wireless hunting cameras: BG668-E36WG, BG584 and BG310-M. From high-end trail camera to economical 4G game cameras, they satisfy various demands....more >


BolySolar to Announce Tree 2.0 and Folder at Intersolar Europe 2019

Folder is a offline power solution for home use and outdoors power supply....more >